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TracknTake: About Us

With decades of experience in customer service and relations and a passion for innovative technologies, the team at TracknTake is on the way to creating a more effortless shopping experience for shoppers and store owners alike. Our app isn’t just a solution for wayfinding products; it’s also a way for retailers to find new customers and build a deeper relationship with their shoppers.

We Believe In Shopping Local

While the internet opens the doors to find practically every product imaginable, we still believe that local shops are the hearts and souls of our communities. TracknTake encourages users to search and shop locally to find the items they want and to get them right away.

We Believe Shopping Should Be Stress-Free

Shopping in a physical store should be as straightforward and stress-free as possible. Our app allows shoppers to research the products they want, find where it’s available locally, and get specific directions directly to where those items are in the store: no wasted time and no hassle involved.

We Believe Customer Behaviour Data Matters

It’s easy to track which items sell, but it’s not always easy to know who is shopping or which process they go through to make their decisions. With TracknTake, you can unobtrusively gather invaluable data about how and how your customers’ shop. From seeing how they navigate your store to learning what kinds of products attract their attention, TracknTake gives you the data you can use to make better business decisions and build deeper relationships with your customers.

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