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Let TracknTake Improve Your Shopping Experience

Your time is your most valuable commodity. TracknTake aims to reduce the stress of finding the products you want and reduce the time it takes to get in and out of the store. We offer you a unique and improved shopping experience from research to receipt.


Here are just some of the benefits you’ll experience when you shop with TracknTake:

Save Time In The Store

Thanks to TracknTake’s indoor GPS, you’ll be taken directly to the shelf where your product is stored. No more wondering around looking for products, trying to track down employees for help, or wasting time visiting multiple stores looking at options.

Get Your Items Today

We’ve all been there. You can’t find the item you want in the store, so you settle for ordering it online. The problem is that you have to wait days or weeks for the item to arrive, which means your project is delayed. With TracknTake, you can see which stores have the product available in real-time and obtain these in a matter of minutes.

Greater Product Selection

TracknTake allows you to access a broad network of lcoal offers that are already being sold in your surroundings. Whatever product you need, simply type it into the TracknTake search system and instantly receive feedback on where you can buy what. TracknTake will also prompt you with similar products to the one you inserted as well as with the directions of where to find these within the store. This allows the users to better understand their local promotions and find out more varieties and options available to them.

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Create The Ultimate Shopping List

TracknTake solves the problem of creating a mundane shopping list. Use the app to research products and alternatives and find which stores near you have those items in stock. Add your desired products to your list and head out to the store for a quick and easy trip. You can even share your list with someone else.

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