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Your Local Shopping Assistant 

TracknTake offers users with a variety of different functionalities to make their local shopping experience that much more pleasant, easier and certainly more enjoyable whilst incentivising them to visit their local stores.


Search for any product you need and receive instant insights on where to find it locally within seconds. 

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TracknTake - Your Local Retail Assistant

TracknTake - Your Local Retail Assistant

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We Handle Your Online Presence

No matter if you have a website or not. No matter if you use any kind of online marketing. With TracknTake we take care of putting your products in front of the right customers. That's right, whilst we focus on showing your products within your community, you can focus on the more important day to day aspects of handling your business.

Discover Your Surroundings

TracknTake’s intuitive platform is user-friendly and straightforward. Shoppers can use our app to explore products in their surroundings and even check availability at their local retailers. That means no more driving around town trying to see if a product is in stock. More importantly, shoppers can access a broad product selection base before deciding to hop onto online purchases. Users can also use the app to get direct directions to the store and the exact product they want to buy.

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Easier Access To Multiple Stores

TracknTake allows you to access a broad network of local stores through a one for all simple platform. Forget about searching and navigating for different websites through distinctive browsers, find and purchase any product you need stress free through the TracknTake app.  Local online shopping has never been more attractive!

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TracknTake is the first app that gives shoppers an entire network of local stores that offer the products they are searching for within their locality. Many customers are tired of walking around searching through the thousands of websites and ads available to them. This kind of overwhelming shopping experience leads to more people avoiding local shopping and choosing online options in order to fulfil their needs. TracknTake collaborates with local stores to give users a complete, stress free shopping solution.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is TracknTake for free?

TracknTake will initially be free to download. The initial running of the App will also start off for free on any mobile app. There will be some in app purchases available for additional premium features.

Will TracknTake work on all mobile devices?

Yes, once the app is running it will be available for all types of Mobile devices.

I'm a store, how can I implement my products?

Any type of local store can contact us via email and we will discuss the details on our first meeting. Please contact u at:

Is it free for stores to integrate?

Yes, we are currently offering our store implementation for free in Palma.

When will the App be available?

We are in the process on releasing the first version of TracknTake for the city of Palma de Mallorca. Once this is done, we will tackle new cities.

For what kind of stores will TracknTake be available?

The focus is to implement TracknTake for the vast majority of local stores ranging between multiple market sectors. We will be focusing on any small to medium sized stores, whilst working our way across different kinds of store brands and sizes. The goal is to get the app functioning on as many local stores as possible.

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